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Preoperative Instructions

In order to provide the safest and best care for our surgical patients at CalSpine MD, we ask that all patients undergo a formal internal medicine consultation preoperatively. A team of internal medicine specialists at the hospital will see you before your surgery and follow along daily throughout your postoperative hospitalization. In some cases, you might be asked to see a cardiologist to be sure that your heart is healthy enough to undergo the surgery.

Bowel Prep Required for Anterior Lumbar Surgeries

Anterior lumbar surgeries (low back surgery performed from the front or abdominal side) are performed with a co-surgeon who specializes in general or cardiac/vascular surgery. Per his/her recommendations, all patients undergoing anterior lumbar surgery are required to have a bowel prep starting 2 days before surgery. This bowel prep is done for your safety, to enhance our ability to see better on the radiographs taken during your surgery, and to allow you to resume a regular diet more quickly after the surgery. Please comply with this protocol if we request that you do so.

Preoperative Tests and Lab Work

Preoperative tests and lab work need to be completed before surgery. Our staff will coordinate your preoperative consultations and your lab work.

Copies of MRIs or Other Diagnostic Tests

Copies of all MRIs or other diagnostic tests should be dropped off to our office well in advance of your surgical date. If any additional tests need to be ordered, we will have the time to do so prior to surgery.

If these safety-directed preoperative protocols are not completed before your surgery, it may result in cancellation and postponement of your procedure.

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